Why Overpay for Your Venue Management Software?

Big news affecting businesses all across New York City: as of December 31st, 2018, the minimum wage for companies with at least 11 employees increased to $15, up a full $2 from the year prior. Because of this, many of them have been left scrambling for ways to cut costs in order to budget – especially those in the restaurant and nightlife industries.

One simple way to do so? Hop on board with the most cost-efficient, bang-for-your-buck venue management software on the market: TablelistPro! With TablelistPro, you can manage your reservations, guests, staff, pricing, events, floor plans, client data, and more, all through a single digital platform. Starting at just $199 per month, our service is significantly less than the top competitor's charge of $499 per month. That means just by switching over, you'll see savings of $3,600 across the calendar year!

Not only does the price point have value, but TablelistPro itself helps with nearly every aspect of our venue partners' businesses, from increasing sales to improving customer service to bettering their marketing initiatives – features that are not all inclusive with the competition. Another significant distinction is that TablelistPro clients are able to sell tickets, VIP tables, and packages directly on their own website and through our Tablelist consumer platform, the latter of which gives them exposure to over 250,000 nightlife enthusiasts. Seeing that your venue will immediately start selling more, our service essentially pays for itself.

Randy Greenstein, Principal of Big Night Entertainment Group, recently raved about these features, sharing that they "chose TablelistPro for all of our BNEG properties because it was fast, easy, and truly the all-in-one platform we had been searching for. From ticketing to table management to payment links to web integrations, TablelistPro helps our staff operate extremely efficiently and absolutely helps drive sales to our venues."

Ready to start saving costs and see a rise in sales just like BNEG? Reach out to us on our website, fill out this form, or send an email to hello@tablelist.com, and a member of our team will get back to you to schedule a free, 15-minute demo. Once you can actually visualize TablelistPro, the decision will be easy!