Uploading Your Event on NightPro: Best Practices

As a nightclub, bar or lounge, one of your main marketing and sales initiative might be your events. Events are a great way to drive new business, build your brand, and attract big spending clients. Already uploading events on NightPro, and wondering about best practices to make them great? Read on. 

From your NightPro dashboard, it's easy to add a new event. (Need a quick refresher? Check out our Tutorial: How to Create an Event on NightPro). Step by step, here's how to add event info like a Pro, to make the most of your events to drive the most traffic to your venue.


Event Info


1. Naming Your Event

Keep it short and simple. A catchy title that will draw attendees to your event will go a long way! If it’s a recurring event or weekly, list the name in full, like Discoteque Fridays. If it’s a big DJ, just the name will do, like Tiësto.

2. Event Date

Your Start and End dates and times will help your guests know when to arrive, and help you with reporting and tracking. If an event starts at 10pm on Friday and ends at 2am on Saturday morning, make sure to select the correct dates for Friday and Saturday respectively.


3. Repeat Weekly

Does this event happen every week on the same day? Check the "Until" Box, then use the Recurring Date picker to choose when this event series end. If it's a one-time event, skip this section.


4. Description

Here’s your chance to sell your event, and let guests know what they’ll be missing out on if they don’t attend. The description should include:

  • Important details about the night, like DJ name, style and hometown, what type of music they play, their notable songs or tour, and anything special about their sets
  • If your event has an opening DJ, or your venue has multiple rooms with different vibes, state this next. It might be of interest to a potential attendee
  • Info about any special pricing or options to book. If you have drink or VIP table specials, include them here. A call-to-action to book early before prices rise or specials sell out is always a great push
  • Close out with any key things to know about the event: Highlight key info like arrival time, guest list info, dress code, age restrictions, and your refund policy

Pro-Tip: You can use HTML formatting in the Description area. Use https://wordhtml.com/to type and format your description, then paste it into the Description box for easy formatting.

5. Event Header Image

This header is optional. If you have a header-sized flier (recommended: 800px x 300px ) you can include it here. It will show up in some spots on your NightPro page, but is not required.

Optional Info


Click on the Optional Info tab to take your event page to the next level by filling in these special sections. These links and tags will appear on your NightPro public page and on your Tablelist page, if applicable.

  • YouTube URL: Include a link to your DJ’s newest or most popular music video, or link to the hype video for your venue or night

  • Type of music playing at your event: Use the Music Tags in the drop down to pick 2-3 styles of music that best represent your event. This will help potential attendees discover your event

  • What people should wear to your event: Use the Dress Code Tags to choose the types of attire that are best for your event. If any specific attire is required (Dress Shoes, Suits, Costumes etc) be sure to mark these.

  • What people should not wear to your event: Use the same Dress Code Tags to choose what types of attire guests should NOT wear. If any type of attire is strictly forbidden (Hats, Shorts etc) be sure to mark these

  • Minimum age allowed to your event: Choose the youngest age that will be allowed at your event (common tags are 18+, 21+)

Ready to Go? Post it!

Click the green Save button in the top right. That will activate the View Pubic Page and View on Tablelist options on the left navigation. Make sure it looks great, then share your links with the world. For tips on setting up Unique Event Links for all your Promoters and Affiliates, click here. 

Not on NightPro yet, but interested in becoming a client and taking your events to the next level? Click the image below to get started.