TablelistPro Client Spotlight: 1 OAK NYC

Born of the namesake catch phrase "one of a kind," 1OAK NYC remains at the center of Manhattan's nightlife culture. It has endured continuous waves of competition and has outlasted the rise and fall of countless nightlife trends, evidenced by the lounge's longevity. TablelistPro is proud to be the preferred venue management software of 1 OAK.

1. About

Address & Location:

453 W. 17th St. #1, New York, NY 10011, located in Chelsea

First Opened:

February of 2008; 9 years in business

What to Know:

1OAK NYC gives clubgoers an exciting and new experience every night. Although the club practices an exclusive door policy with selective entry, this NYC nightlife staple is definitely worth it. It's not a surprise to see tons of celebrities at this energetic spot.  The venue is the embodiment of sophistication with a captivating interior, dimmed lighting, plush furniture, and design inspired by the heydey of Manhattan's social scene in the '80s and '90s. Thanks to their rotation of world-renowned DJs, surprise performances, stellar standard of service, and deluxe amenities, you'll be partying like a rockstar all night long.

2. Staff and Scene

Who Runs the Show:

Richie Akiva and Scott Sartiano of Butter Group, the masterminds behind Up & Down

The Scene:

Upscale environment; the quintessential models, bottles, and moguls crowd; some of the most beautiful people in the city; Hollywood's hottest stars

3. General Info



6,000 sq. feet; 300 guests

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday through Sunday, 11:00 PM - 4:00 AM


Mixture of top 40, hip hop, mainstream EDM, and dance music

4. Pro-Tips

While other parties are dying down, 1OAK is just getting started. Famous for being one of the best late-night spots in the area, New York partiers in-the-know head there around 1:30 AM when the energy picks up. By 3, the place is in full-swing.

5. Look Inside

Over 1,000 lights line 1OAK's ceiling and center wall, and artwork by Roy Nachum, large-scale oil paintings, gorilla sculptures, and bright text installations bring a cool cultural vibe to it. The music comes alive through an interactive DJ booth synced to show video art, which is elevated from the floor, giving the illusion that it's floating.

The room is divided by a central black lacquered bar, and in one corner, a VIP-type area with a roaring fireplace and giant artwork can be seen

Head to their Tablelist page for information on their bottle service options.

6. Be There

1OAK's sleek style and standard-setting scene make it a frequent host of clothing line launches, New York Fashion Week events, and birthday parties. If huge names like Jay Z, Jennifer Lopez, Odell Beckham Jr. and Gigi Hadid enjoy going there, you certainly will, too.

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