How Diamond Membership Can Help Lift Sales at Your Nightclub

In case you missed it, we recently announced the launch of Tablelist Diamond, a paid membership program for users of our nightlife booking app, Tablelist. Available in Boston and New York City, with more cities to come soon, this new offering is not only beneficial for its members, but it will also positively impact the business of all TablelistPro clients that choose to take partake. Allow us to elaborate.

First, what exactly is Diamond Membership?

Offered on a monthly or yearly basis, Diamond Membership is a nightlife membership program that allows users to access exclusive, members-only perks and special deals at participating nightclubs, bars, lounges, and events. For further exclusivity, Diamond perks can only be viewed by current members; they are not ever listed publicly unless briefly teased through a marketing channel.

What is the cost?

Members may join on a monthly basis for just $29 or they can pay a one-time annual fee of $300.

What are the perks for members?

Depending on the city, members receive benefits like complimentary and discounted entry, skip-the-line privileges, drink tickets, special pricing for tickets and VIP tables, exclusive bottle service packages, pre-sale access, and more.

What value is Diamond Membership to TablelistPro clients?

Contractually speaking, TablelistPro clients collect a large portion of the proceeds from all Membership dues. Once perks are actually listed, venues will improve their level of visibility, increase foot traffic, and boost sales.

Diamond members tend to visit participating venues more frequently, which both builds guest retention and means they will spend more at the bar. Expect to see a lift in VIP table sales, as well; people who don’t normally book tables are more likely to upgrade to VIP after becoming a member.

On top of this, TablelistPro partners will profit from additional cross-exposure on Tablelist, opening the door to a community of nightlife enthusiasts (i.e. potential new customers) – nearly 150,000 monthly active users, to be exact. They will gain marketing support, too, through various channels including emails, push notifications, social media, and eventually paid digital advertisements.

How do I begin?

For current TablelistPro clients, getting started is easy: simply list members-only inventory and deals of your choosing through TablelistPro. The choice of what to list, specifically, is completely yours!

If you're not yet one of our partners but are interested in becoming one, please visit our website or email to schedule a discovery call or free demo. We look forward to hearing from you!