TablelistPro 4.0 for iPhone and iPad is Here, Now Available to Download

The new TablelistPro is here! Download the TablelistPro 4.0 app for iPhone and iPad today.

With several groundbreaking new features, we're certain this update will simplify and ease the way you run your nightlife venue. Owners and managers are already sharing their positive feedback with us, about how the new TablelistPro has helped their business grow.

"The Tablelist team has taken TablelistPro to the next level. The new TablelistPro app is incredibly fast and easy to use and my whole staff loves it. Our operations are running smoothly, we know more about our guests than ever before, and our sales have increased with the Tablelist integration"  -Jamison La Guardia, Director of Marketing & Events, Royale Entertainment Complex

So, What's New with TablelistPro 4.0?

  • One native app
    • Works seamlessly across all iPhones and iPads (iOS 9 or later)
    • Incredibly fast

  • Updated interactive floor plans

    • View who's seated and quickly add reservations to the map
    • See your table map more easily with expand and rotate features

  • Automatic syncing between TablelistPro + Your Website + Tablelist

    • Add general admission and tables on the TablelistPro app; it will instantly update on your website and Tablelist consumer app
    • All sales booked will immediately appear in the app
    • Client data will instantly update
    • See and control everything in the palm of your hand ― in real time!

  • Customize your venue's theme

    • When you set your branding on web, the colors will update on your app, unique to each venue

  •  Robust ticketing

    • Scan tickets natively
    • Check in individual guests and pre-paid ticket buyers
    • Tally guest lists
    • Easily differentiate between pre-paid tickets, guest list, comps, and VIPs

  • View all client history

    • Know more about your guests every time they enter your venue

  • View payment details for guests with pre-paid tables or packages

    • Added chargeback protection
    • See pre-payment details

  • Tag servers to reservations

    • Keep a history of who is serving your guests

  • Close out tables and add final spends or receipt numbers

    • Saves everything to your client's profile in CRM

Our team is incredibly excited about the new TablelistPro app, and we think you will be too.

“Built to be offline first, so everything feels really snappy, almost instant. You can view everything offline” -Andrew Barba, Director of Product & Engineering  

If you're a current TablelistPro client, you now have access to TablelistPro 4.0. For the best experience, ensure your iPhone or iPad is equipped with the latest version of iOS, then Download the new TablelistPro app here.

No need to create a new account if you're an existing TablelistPro client; to log-in, please use your existing TablelistPro credentials.

If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to reach out! Send us an email at

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