Boost Your Holiday Bookings with TablelistPro

Is it 2020 yet? While all of us look forward to leaving 2020 in the past, things are just getting started for the nightlife industry. From Thanksgiving Eve to New Year's Eve, the biggest events of the year are also the most competitive, but with the right technology (i.e. TablelistPro), you can reach more customers, generate sales in advance, and make it a packed house – socially distanced, of course.

Don't drop the ball! Here's what you can do with TablelistPro:

  • Instant Booking Widgets: Collect bookings on your own website using an insant booking widget. Fully customizable and branded to your business, it enables guests to seamlessly purchase tickets, tables, and packages online without being redirected to a third-party site.
  • Sales Tracking Links: Blast unique links to your promoters to make it quick and easy for them to spread the word about your event. Sales generated from each link will automatically tie back to the promoter in TablelistPro.
  • Payment Links: Instead of those dreaded credit card authorization forms, use a payment link to confirm reservations. These give you the option to request a full deposit, pre-payment, or credit card to be held securely on file.
  • CRM: Dive deep into your customer database, and use this to create personalized marketing initiatives and targeted campaigns around the holidays.
  • Customer Chat: Exchange SMS texts with your guests in real-time through the TablelistPro dashboard, allowing you to streamline customer interactions and provide better service. Currently venue partners who would like to test this feature free of charge may reach out to us directly at

As a heads up, our COVID-19 relief offer still stands: if your nightlife venue is forced to close due to the pandemic, we will waive your TablelistPro subscription fees until it's back open again. For both current and prospective clients, you'll still have full access to your TablelistPro account during this time to keep you prepared for when your doors do reopen.

For more information on TablelistPro, its features, and our promise to support our venue partners, visit Demos and discovery calls are always complimentary.