6 TablelistPro Tools to Win Back Your Customers, Boost Sales, and Recover From COVID-19

The moment you've been longing for is nearly here. You've rehired your staff. You've restocked your bar. You've run through your COVID-19 checklist. Your nightlife venue is prepared for its reopening – and yet, some concerns are still in the way. How will your customers know you're open for business? How can you win them back? What will sales look like? How can you maximize them ahead of time? Will you ever recover from this pandemic?

No need to panic. You have TablelistPro on your side. Our platform comes with easy-to-use sales tools that are proven to help you cut costs, lift revenue, improve service, boost client retention, and give you the success you once had. These are the six features you need to know.

1. Instant booking widgets

Convert your nightlife venue into a full eCommerce business – to sell tickets, tables, packages, and more – in as little as 10 minutes. By embedding a TablelistPro widget on the backend of your website, you'll lay the infrastructure to launch sales, promote your reopening, and take reservation requests beforehand. Fully customizable in terms of colors and layout, your site visitors can scroll through events or use a calendar to select a date and make their purchase without leaving the page – eliminating the possibility that you'll lose them to a third-party website. You're able to designate inventory, pricing, descriptions, and flyers, all of which sync from TablelistPro to ensure your website is always up-to-date. In turn, you will streamline data entry, save time, and spend less on marketing. To discover why top nightlife venues benefit from using our widgets, read this post.

How it works: For current venue partners, our developers will update your website with an instant booking widget for free. Get started by reaching out to your sales rep or emailing hello@tablelistpro.com.

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2. Sales tracking links

With this feature, it has never been easier to let people know about your reopening; plus, you're able to keep tabs on your staff and sales in real-time. Promoters can share their unique tracking links on social media, through text, or via email, and all ticket and table sales generated from them will sync automatically into TablelistPro, tied to that specific person. In doing so, venue managers can collect up-to-the-minute sales data, track employee performance, calculate commissions, download reports, and analyze their findings.

How it works: On your desktop browser, when logged into TablelistPro, select the "Events" button on the left-hand side. Locate your desired event, then select "Tracking Links" beneath it. A page will display showing a full list of sales tracking links that you can either copy individually to send to each promoter or download in its entirety to send one collective email to your staff.

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5e989c76719cae5548d494de_attributions3. Payment links:

Gone are the days of taking payment information over the phone, sending credit card authorization forms, or using an unsecured method to confirm your reservations. Instead, utilize TablelistPro's payment link feature to do so.

How it works: A payment link will request a deposit, a full pre-payment, or a credit card to be held securely on file. After you send it to your client, they can review the booking, confirm your terms and conditions, and safely enter their card information. Upon completion, your staff will be notified, and all of the customer and purchase data will sync into TablelistPro.

What was once a tedious, manual, time-consuming way of confirming reservations is now replaced with an exponentially quicker, safer, and better process – for both you and your customer. It will make a direct impact on your revenue stream, as collecting credit card information ahead of time will help you avoid cancellations and reduce "no-shows" by 99.1%. Built-in fraud protection on every transaction and a 100% PCI compliancy add to this. Read this post for more on payment links and their benefits.

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4. Customer Chat:

Brand new on TablelistPro, Customer Chat allows you to send and receive SMS texts directly with your guests. This is the most simple and efficient way to communicate, as it eliminates games of phone tag, lengthy email chains, and personal text conversations that can get lost over time. Customer Chat can be used for a variety of reasons, from confirming reservations to sharing important event information to answering questions. In terms of your reopening, you may experience guests reaching out to inquire about the health and safety protocols being taken at your venue. Use this as an opportunity to gain their trust and share the ways your management team plans to stay under capacity, keep everyone at a safe social distance, and maintain cleanliness.

How it works: On the TablelistPro dashboard, select "Chat," and a page will appear for you to start communicating with your guests. Organized by "New," "Open," and "Closed," you'll be able to track all messages in an organized manner for anyone on your staff to handle – either individually or as a team. Once resolved, you can still view the full chat history, and the back-and-forth exchange will instantly populate in your CRM tied to that particular customer.

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5. Fast Pass:

A staple for bars and any nightlife venue that accepts walk-ups, Fast Pass is a virtually effortless method of taking payments that expedites the door process and prevents long lines from forming. Your customers will be impressed by how quickly they're able to pay and make it inside. Since it doesn't require an exchange of cash or credit cards, it's also an effective way to practice contactless transactions, thus further promoting the safety of your venue.

How it works: When your guest arrives, have them use their mobile phone to scan the QR code provided to them. Their phone's browser will immediately pop up, prompting them to purchase cover, a ticket, or a table using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or a stored credit card. No special hardware or downloads required. Your guest will then receive their ticket on their phone, ready to be scanned for entry. This allows you to collect customer data on every walk-up; all names, email addresses, phone numbers, and purchase history will sync automatically into TablelistPro once the QR code is scanned. You may then use this data for our last noteworthy feature.

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6. Customer CRM:

Hospitality is the name of the game, and in order to win your customers back, you have to get the word out that you're opening – while giving them a reason to visit. With TablelistPro's CRM, you have a robust customer database filled with client-specific information that can be used for dedicated marketing initiatives and campaigns. You can also get to know your customers on a one-on-one level – like their drink or table location preferences – so that once they're inside, you will improve service, satisfaction, and retention. Read more about our above-and-beyond CRM capabilities here.

How it works: Find the "CRM" tab on the TablelistPro dashboard, where you'll be able to sort your database by tags like "Venues," "Spend," "Visits," "Gender," or your own custom tags. Use these filters, along with detailed reporting that can be downloaded, to create custom messaging and targeted promotions that incentivize your former customers to return. By engaging them with exclusive deals, contests, or sweepstakes, you'll convert them (once again) into repeat customers.

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Other than product features, TablelistPro partners can rely on our team – each with years of experience in nightlife and hospitality – to be available every step of the way. Our focus on customer support has resulted in strong relationships with our clients and an industry reputation for assistance that goes the extra mile. This will never change. At any point, you can set up a call or training with us to improve your experience using TablelistPro by reaching out through email or our website.

If you're not a TablelistPro partner but are interested in becoming one, set up a complimentary demo or discovery call on tablelistpro.com to learn how our data-driven platform will help your nightclub, bar, lounge, hotel pool, special event, or hospitality group get back up on its feet. If you'd like, you can get a head start through our self-signup page, which allows you to set up your account before one of our representatives walks you through it.