6 Nightlife Technologies To Revolutionize Your Venue

These days, it's all about digital. Technology has become the key to the nightlife industry's future, providing a solution to many of the long-standing issues that venue owners, operators, and staff members face. But which cutting-edge tech companies stand apart from the pack, and how will they drive business to your nightclub or bar? We've narrowed it down to five that are changing the face of the industry – for good.

Facial Recognition

  • At the 2019 Nightclub & Bar Show, one of the top trends for venues was using facial recognition as part of the system for scanning IDs at the door. One software, in particular – IDScan.net – has made the greatest advancements when it comes to this process. A cloud-based mobile solution designed specifically to meet the needs of the hospitality industry, it allows bouncers to capture and verify the data on any government-issued ID within seconds and with 100 percent accuracy. Just last year, the company introduced its new facial recognition add-on, which uses small video cameras to identify guests as they approach access points. The technology works by capturing an image of both a guest's face and their photo on an ID. Its state-of-the-art biometric software then compares the two images to determine how much of a match they are. Once a face or ID has been entered, that person will no longer need to stop to have their ID or face scanned. IDScan.net automatically recognizes their face and pulls up their ID, along with any comments, such as banned or VIP, when they enter the premises. Together, this allows nightclubs and bars to monitor guests quickly, increase productivity, automate data capture, streamline customer engagement, enhance security, optimize operational efficiency, and so much more.

Digital Coat Checking

  • Long lines, missing items, lost tickets – do these types of issues sound familiar when it comes to coat check at your venue? Chexology, a system that replaces paper tickets with SMS, is helping to rid yourself of such disorganization. The app quickly captures guest and item photos upon entry and sends item arrival texts at their departure – all while collecting valuable data like names, phone numbers, and email addresses for digital engagement later on. In return, Chexology says you can shave up to 25 seconds off the average customer wait time, shortening those lengthy lines, and up to 30 minutes at the end of the day with real-time itemized reporting. You'll never hand back the wrong piece of clothing, thanks to that photo-capturing system, and you'll avoid any next-day phone calls by being able to automatically text customers about unreturned items.

Robotic Cocktail Machines

  • While a bartender's craft is an important dimension of any nightclub or bar, recent years have seen the emergence of sophisticated robotic cocktail machines aimed at combatting slow service or bottlenecked bars. Among the most successful ones is SmartTender, an automated cocktail dispensing system that creates high-quality drinks at the touch of a button. Available in both modular or portable form, each offers an automated touch screen bar that delivers the perfect pour every time, guaranteed. You can even program certain drinks to be prepared automatically, allowing your venue to deliver consistent beverages to your guests without any hassle. "The direct cost-saving capability, coupled with its fast and accurate dispensing innovation, makes it a must-have for any property looking to improve overall bar service and increase profits," said Christopher Hencyk, Senior Director of Food, Beverage & Sales at Pearl River Resort.

Interactive Displays

  • Gone are the days of standard lighting effects, video projections, and LED strips. Now, many large-scale nightclubs are turning to TAIT, the leading entertainment automation platform used by massive names such as Justin Timberlake, National Geographic, Disney, and Cirque Du Soleil. At OMNIA in Las Vegas, for instance, TAIT built the focal point of the nightclub: a grandiose kinetic chandelier weighing 22,000 lbs. and comprised of eight concentric rings, accented with scenic elements and integrated LED products. Movement of the chandelier is controlled by motion tracking, where each of the rings can be manipulated to create an ever-changing display of individual moving scenes throughout the night. The stunning installation, paired with artist performance, creates a fully immersive nightlife experience for every guest who enters the venue.

Bar Inventory Software

  • Typical bar inventory time can take anywhere from six to 24 hours – until now, with Partender. The SaaS platform helps over 15,000 bars do inventory, ordering, and accounting in just 15 minutes by digitizing the archaic paper-pen-clipboard process. On any Android, iOS, or web-enabled device, just tap where the liquor level is on the bottle and swipe to the next bottle on your shelf; it's that simple. Partender also provides detailed cloud-based analytics on the bar's consumption. As a result, owners and managers can inventory as often as they count the cash in their registers to reduce shrinkage, optimize orders, and drive more successful beverage programs.

Reservation Management

  • There are major benefits to investing in a VIP table and reservation management platform, but when comparing the leaders, none come close to TablelistPro. Through features that are powerful yet mind-blowingly easy to use, even for the least technologically-advanced person, TablelistPro will help you streamline operations, boost sales, build client retention, eliminate double-booked VIP tables, and streamline the door process, among many other things. The introduction of its newest feature, Fast Pass, has changed the game, too, as it enables guests to pay for cover fees, tickets, and tables as they arrive, directly from their phones and in just two clicks. For these reasons alone, it's a no-brainer why venues and hospitality groups worldwide – including Club Space, 1OAK, Big Night Hospitality Group, WALL Lounge, Exchange, RIOT Hospitality, and Echostage – trust TablelistPro to manage their events, reservations, guests, staff, and promoters. Visit our website to set up a complimentary demo or discovery call today.