5 Ideas to Amp Up Your Venue's Social Strategy in 2017

"New year, new you," right? If you run a nightlife venue, the same should apply to your social media pages in 2017. Take a page out of our book and try these strategies, guaranteed to help grow your business and followership!

1. Create a Sponsored Spotify Playlist

Spotify might not be the first social platform you associate with digital marketing, but in reality, their brand playlist feature is proven to be an effective tool. In fact, according to a study, Spotify users "are an engaged, active, and valuable audience who see music as a perfect way to connect with brands that are relevant to their lives." 

For this reason, creating a sponsored playlist makes so much sense. You can make one featuring songs that are actively played at your venue, or, rather, build excitement for an upcoming performance by including all songs by that artist.

Brand it as a "soundtrack to your social life," share it across all platforms, and go from there! We love how South by Southwest did this to get fans hyped for their festival:

2. Host an Artist Snapchat Takeover

A takeover brings someone else's perspective and take on your venue to life. It's also a great way to promote and garner enthusiasm for an upcoming show, give fans exclusive, behind-the-scenes access, gain followers, or simply showcase the venue.

As you can see below, Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas gave their Snapchat reigns over to world-famous DJ Kaskade, who was in town to play a set at their club. From start to finish, the videos and photos he took painted a full picture of the day, later proving to be highly successful.

The club also did cross-promotion by using their other social sites to encourage fans to add their Snapchat account, and they had Kaskade himself post about the takeover for added exposure.

3. Run a Contest

There are many different options when it comes to hosting a contest for your audience; the choice is yours.

One of the most simple types is a giveaway on social media, with the winner ultimately selected from the comments ― as TablelistPro client Mahiki London did in the post below. By telling fans to tag their friends for a chance at tickets, Mahiki successfully spread the word about the event and encouraged fan engagement. It doesn't have to be tickets, either; other ideas include a complimentary VIP table, free entry, or a free drink.

For a different approach, we like how iHeartMedia utilizes the Aptivada widget to host contests on their website. If you've never heard of Aptivada, allow us to explain!

After submitting their e-mail address, contestants can earn bonus entries with various social media-related tasks including liking or following your pages and sharing the contest entry form. This is an organic way to increase your followership numbers and promote an upcoming event (or just your venue itself!).

4. Amp up your next event with a GIF Booth 

In today's day and age, when people have many social platforms to share where they are and what they're doing, a GIF is the best of both worlds, as it's shareable across all platforms.

In .mp4 form, the GIF gets e-mailed directly to the guest's inbox. It can then be shared on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook ― all in real-time. These can even be customized and branded to fit your venue's needs. For instance, STORY Miami does this by strategically placing their official logo on the bottom (see below).

5. Design a Snapchat Geofilter

Who doesn't love a good Snapchat filter? We suggest making one (or two or three!) to give your audience a variety to choose from. Now, when your guests post from your club, all of their friends will know exactly what that incredible hot spot was.

This method is an easy and cost-efficient marketing tool that can be used for on a daily night, for a special event or theme night, or when an artist is in the house to perform. Head to the Snapchat On-Demand Geofilters page to get started.

Now that you're managing your social media like a pro, why not bring a strong venue and event management strategy into 2017, too? Learn more about TablelistPro by visiting our website.