5 Apps Every Nightlife Venue Needs Right Now

Doesn't it feel like there's an app for everything these days? Because the market is so saturated, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which ones are right for you, especially if you work in nightlife. We've done the research and narrowed it down to the five must-use apps that, no matter what type of establishment you own or operate, will assist with every aspect of your business, from operations to marketing. After reading up on these, you'll be left wondering how your venue ever ran without them!

5) Bartender's Choice ($4.99 | iOS, Android)

From the master bartenders behind New York City's Milk & Honey comes the ultimate drink and cocktail recipe app! With its user-friendly interface and search functionality, Bartender's Choice lets you browse over 650 different concoctions based on preferred spirit, style of drink, or sensation. It will even provide suggestions to match, as well as handy tips on ice, garnishes, syrups, shaking, and stirring. Now, you can offer your guests tastier drinks, perfect your menu, and improve the knowledge and skills of your own bartenders.

Kara Newman of liquor.com had high praise for the app. "The recipes, as expected, were on target," she wrote. "Over the course of a couple of weeks, I worked through a half dozen—some classics, some completely new to me—and there was not a clunker in the bunch. The drink instructions were successful and easy to follow, and I appreciated an option to toggle easily between ounces and milliliters."


4) Bar & Club Stats ID Scanner (Free | iOS, Android)

Increase your business' security, protect your venue against underage drinking, and learn more about your guests with this easy-to-use app! Bar & Club Stats ID Scanner is the best verification solution on the market, as it accurately reads driver's licenses from all 50 states and all Canadian provinces. Simply open it, use your camera to scan the ID's barcode, and instantly, you'll be notified if the result is valid or fake, giving you and your bouncers peace of mind.

It does more than just that, though! The app also records four pieces of anonymous information: time of scan, age, gender, and zip code. From there, you can view helpful insights on your customers over a given night, week, or month – like gender splits or most popular age ranges – allowing you to optimize marketing and promotional efforts.

This is the official age verification app of MillerCoors and has been featured on the popular reality TV series Bar Rescue, as well. Need we say more?


3) Hootsuite (Free | iOS, Android)

In today's digital age, your venue needs an active social media presence. While it can be tough to manage an array of accounts at once, particularly if run multiple venues, that's where Hootsuite comes in! With it, you can schedule posts in advance on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, monitor trending topics, review analytics, run campaigns, and assign tasks to individual team members, all within the singular app. In terms of analytics, you're given metrics, reports, and visual streams for each profile, as well as click-through stats when using the Ow.ly link shortener on your posts. On top of everything, though, it's affordable! The free version includes up to three accounts, or you can choose from several paid plans starting at $29 per month, depending on your needs. Needless to say, it's the world's most popular social media management app for a reason.


2) Partender ($165+/month | iOS, Android)

Partender is a subscription-based app that lets you build a virtual representation of your bar, right on your phone or tablet. You can quickly and accurately keep track of full bar inventory, place your orders, track your usage, and calculate your cost of goods sold. It also provides you with deep insights like what's selling best or worst, what's dead stock, and what's about to run out.

Overall, the app reduces bar inventory time from several hours to just 15 minutes! Simply tap where the liquor level is on the image of the bottle, then swipe to the next bottle on your shelf, and you're done. Their clients, which range from Marriott Hotels and Resorts to Mellow Mushroom, save up to $10,000 per month.


1) TablelistPro ($199/month | iOS, Android)

It wouldn't be a list of top industry apps without us! If you're not already familiar, TablelistPro is a leading online reservations and venue management app, designed specifically for nightlife. Used by nightclubs, bars, lounges, and event spaces around the world, our simple yet powerful software lets you manage reservations, grow your customer database, calculate promoter payouts, and sell tickets, tables, and packages directly through your website using our interactive map widgets – among many other real-time, digital features. Since our inception, we've proven to be a valuable resource for our 1,000+ clients, helping them streamline operations, increase sales, and improve guest services like never before.

To see TablelistPro in action, we recommend setting up a quick, 15-minute demo by visiting our website or sending an email to hello@tablelistpro.com.