4 Steps to Streamline the Door Process at Your Nightclub or Bar

Having an efficient door process is a fundamental factor for any nightlife venue. Other than for the obvious reasons – wait times will be limited and entry will be more organized – it also improves the overall experience for your guests, starting their night off on the right foot and likely leading them to spend more once they're inside. In turn, this can improve client retention, as they are more probable to return if their experience is a positive one. Should you be looking to kickstart a more seamless system for entry, these are the effective measures you can take.

1. Designate separate lines for each type of guest.

Depending on the size and layout of your venue, one of the most straightforward steps is to create distinct lines for your guests, particularly for those with tickets versus those who purchased a table. Divvying them up in this way will expedite the door process, mitigate confusion, and ensure your staff is properly prepared for each type of person they're responsible for checking in.

2. Retire paper printouts.

Using an outdated method to track guests and their reservations can make the door process chaotic and time-consuming while causing issues like double bookings or ones lost entirely. Despite this, many are skeptical to "go digital" due to habit or because technology can be intimidating.

At TablelistPro, we understand both rationalities and have subsequently made it our mission to provide a reservation management platform that is as simple and easy-to-use as possible. Featuring web, iOS, and Android capabilities, you can use TablelistPro to scan QR codes, tally walk-ups, add guest lists, and quickly check guests in through one singular dashboard. Simultaneously, it also tracks sales and collects data for you, among many other things, all in real-time. Even if your internet connection outside is unreliable, you'll never have to worry, as TablelistPro has an offline mode feature, as well. Utilizing this reliable check-in system will put your staff at ease, speed up the line, maximize the guest experience, and ultimately improve revenue. For more on how TablelistPro solves the common pain points of pen and paper, read our past blog post.

3. Collect data on every guest.

Customer service is the name of the game in nightlife – but how successful with it can you be if you aren't gathering information about your customers as they walk through the door? The answer is to treat them as more than just a number by making use of TablelistPro, which offers a robust CRM database that goes above and beyond. In doing so, you'll have instant access to valuable information including their type of admission, spend history, table preferences, and any other noteworthy personal details. You may then use this to better identify VIPs and make certain they're treated with the highest level of service, each and every night, improving the flow at the door and building client satisfaction in the process.

4. Offer a seamless method of payment at the door.

Whether you operate a nightclub with several walk-up entry options or an intimate college bar that only requests a cover fee for entry, you'll want to provide your guests a payment process that is frictionless and convenient. TablelistPro has a new solution: Fast Pass, the most quick and easy way to take payments at the door, and one that is unique to our platform. Fast Pass lets your guests purchase and pay for cover fees, tickets, or tables when they arrive at your venue, without even having to sign up for an account. There is no special hardware required, nor are there any apps or installations necessary for your guests; all they need is a form of payment in their digital wallet – Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Web Pay – after which they can complete their purchase in just two clicks. The ticket will immediately display on their phone, ready to be scanned for entry, and all booking and customer data will sync automatically into TablelistPro. For venues, Fast Pass is an especially innovative feature that directly impacts sales in a positive way. For your guests, it serves as a cashless, card-less convenience, and they will appreciate its speed and simplicity.

In just four trouble-free steps, you'll be on your way to running a nightlife venue that has a door process to envy. Current TablelistPro clients, email us to set up a quick training session or get any of your questions answered. Not a client but would like to become one? Visit our website, where you can set up a product demo to test out features like reservation management, CRM, and Fast Pass.