4 Simple Ways to Knock 'Em Dead at Your Bar This Halloween

A weekend of frighteningly fun Halloween events is just around the corner, and TablelistPro is here to help make your bar stand out from the crowd. From more subtle additions to bigger activations, incorporating these thematic ideas will help you see scary-good sales on one of the top drinking holidays of the year.

1) Pick a theme.

Who doesn't love a good theme party? When it comes to Halloween, your choices are endless: a haunted house, freak show, fright night, or even something completely different like one of our TablelistPro partners. NYC's Rumpus Room will be having a three-night safari-themed affair, promoting guests to come dressed in their best "Where The Wild Things Are" costumes, while Bounce Sporting Club is hosting "Disney After Dark" parties at both its Chicago and New York City locations.

If there were ever a time to go "all out" with décor, Halloween is the night, so make sure the look and feel of your bar matches the part! Ambiance is a crucial aspect to any event, but especially a themed one. If you choose to keep it generic, don't forget the spider webs, skulls, fog machines, dry ice, and dark lighting.


2) Revamp your menu.

Specialty drinks are a must for any bar on this day! From Halloween Pumpkin Punch to a Bloody Mary with Mary's Severed Fingers, Good Housekeeping put together a list of 40 spooky cocktails to choose from. You can also add a touch of flair to your current menu with garnishes like gum or candies that come in Halloween shapes: spiders, beetles, snakes, skeletons, you name it. If your bar serves food, try taking a page from Delish's list of 19 Halloween recipes that includes Pizza Skulls, Toxic Waste Mac & Cheese, and a Bloody Eyeball Dessert.


3) Hold a costume contest.

Go back to basics here! After all, the biggest appeal of Halloween is dressing up. Encourage your guests to upload their photos from the night to social media using a designated Halloween hashtag, and have them tag your bar. (Two words: free promotion!) You can then choose a winner from there and announce it the following day.

In terms of prizes, consider giving the winner a gift certificate to your bar or a discount on their next check, prompting them to visit again. Alternatively, you could go the route of Boston's The Greatest Bar, which is offering up a whopping $500 cash prize for the best costume of the night. Now that's an incentive to dress up!


4) Generate pre-event buzz.

Get into the spirit of Halloween before it even begins! Creating a specific marketing strategy, then implementing it on your social channels and through your emails, will help get more feet through the door and build excitement. Take advantage of the opportunity to spice up your usual graphics and videos, as TablelistPro client Red Lantern Boston has for its Fifty Shades of Red party, and ensure your copy matches the tone, as well. You should also tease decorations, menu items, and any of the new elements added to your bar that night or weekend.

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Now that your bar is ready to see un-boo-lievable success this Halloween, is it ready to hop on board with TablelistPro? Our software has proven to help venues streamline operations, increase sales, and improve customer service through features like guest list management, promoter payouts, and the ability to monetize your website. To learn more about TablelistPro or schedule a free, 15-minute demo, click the image below or visit tablelistpro.com.