10 Helpful Hints on Getting the Most out of Your Club Experience

Are you a nightclub newbie with your first outing coming up? If so, it's important to prepare accordingly. Whether with your besties for a bachelorette party in Vegas or to see your favorite DJ spin in Miami, we want you to have the best experience possible.

So before getting past that velvet rope, read up on what you should know – and how TablelistPro's integration with Tablelist can help make the most of your night.

1. Arrive on time.

"Fashionably late" is not an excuse that works very well in nightlife. When a promoter or VIP Host tells you to meet at 11:30pm, that doesn't mean after midnight. It means 11:30! Respect that these times are given to you for a reason – and don't be surprised if you're denied entry for showing up tardy.

2. Dress well and appropriately for the venue.

Perhaps it goes without saying, but always aim to look your best when going out. Unsure of what to wear? If you use Tablelist to buy tickets or book a table (which you should), you'll see specific suggestions of what to wear and what not to wear... like this!

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 10.41.27 PM

3. Show up with the amount of guests you said you would bring.

Your VIP Host is set to a strict number of guests per night, especially if there's a table involved. Save yourself the risk of being denied by not bringing extra friends.

4. Avoid excess alcohol consumption before showing up.

Getting too intoxicated before you've even gotten to the club? Rookie mistake. Everyone loves a good pregame, but be sure to not go too hard or drink too fast. After all, there will be alcohol there if you end up feeling too sober!

5. Bring your ID.

It sounds self-explanatory (and it is): don't let your group down by having to go all the way home and get your license.

6. Have girls with you.

Girl-guy ratios are important, as most venues prefer to fill their clubs with females as the majority.

7. Be a Tablelist Platinum member.

If you're not already familiar, Tablelist Platinum is a private member community that gets you free entry at top venues in New York City, Boston, and D.C. You'll also get weekly perks and events to upgrade your experience, plus a Tablelist concierge available to you at all times.

The data from your membership and bookings then goes directly into TablelistPro so that the spot you visited will remember you for next time. They'll have record of everything from your specific bottle order and how much you spent, to how many times you've been there and how many people you came with. Even specific details like your birthday are put into the system, resulting in potential perks and an improved customer relationship.

8. Stay out of trouble.

Don't start fights. Period. So you have a disagreement? That doesn't make it okay to ruin everyone else's night by getting into it with someone, verbally or physically. Keep the drama to a minimum (or keep it outside of the club).

On that note, be courteous to everyone who works at the venue: the doormen, bottle girls, servers, bartenders, security guards, bathroom attendants, you name it. These people are just doing their jobs! Give them respect, and you'll receive the same back.


9. Mind your belongings.

Even the most upscale of nightclubs can have its good share of thieves. Don't only hold your personal belongings tight, like your phone or purse, but also keep an eye out for your drink. Never put it down!

10. Bring a positive attitude.

Dance, sing, let loose! At the end of the day, the crowd is what makes the party, and everyone should be having fun.

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